We are back

April 21, 2022

Well, this is awkward, but after a year and a half we are back on track. 

These two years have been a rollercoaster of horrible virus, isolation, 'is this it' type of questions, new realities and discoveries for all of us.  Now there is also a brutal unprovoked Russia's war against Ukraine. Слава Україні! Ukraine will prevail. There is probably never a good time for 'Heeyyyyy we are back'. 

But here we are. 

During this weird time, at first we, together with a beautiful crowd of people launched a face shield 3D printing campaign for our Lithuanian medical staff. We are extremely grateful for all the hard work and sacrifices the medics have done during the pandemic and to the amazing volunteers who participated in 'Pagalbos Žemėlapis'.

As all of our planned events were obviously cancelled, for a while, just like everyone else, we had no idea what to do with our projects. So we made some creepy masks to enforce safe distance.

I am sure, each and everyone one of us were lost for quite some time. However we did not make sourdough bread. Not even a single loaf.

Even before the plague we had started one huge, way too massive project, I will tell you about it in the future, when it is finished. But it's a rocket.

While still printing the face shields, I returned to the roots and dove into handcrafting terrain. This resulted in the Undead King's Hill. 

We made a new terrain set - a mossy, wet cavern with stalag-whateverthey'recalleds, a test model of which went to our dear friend. I am still working on a few concepts for full sets, one of which could be dwarven, because while normal people were obsessed with wordle, I delved into dwarrow aesthetic. 

We now have two resin printers, which bring so much more detail and crispiness to our prints. 

I even participated in some online miniature painting contests, and to everyone's surprise, even won one (insert shocked face).

And during all of this strange and hopefully once-in-a-lifetime period, you kept coming back to us: to paint your miniatures, to print some items, to get another dungeon, dagger or just to chat. We are incredibly grateful for this.

So this is it, we are back. Not only on instagram, but to writing and making new beautiful things.