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Fill out the request form and we'll contact you ASAP about prices, delivery times, materials etc. If you need multiple parts printed, attach a .zip file with all your parts.

If you're files are large (> 2GB) leave a link in the comments where we can download the items.

Our policy

We will not print any of the following

  • - Illegal items (such as weapons)
  • - Trademarked and/or copyrighted items
  • - Intellectual property infringing items

If you've downloaded or obtained a model that you haven't created yourself - it is your responsibility to receive permission or a license from the author(s) (if the item has a non-commercial license) for us to 3D print the item.


By submiting this form you acknowledge that you have the required license(s) and permission(s) to manufacture the uploaded model(s)
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