The Chronomancer's amulets

July 01, 2019

Time is weird. Even a little weirder than space, may they match again one day. As our only valuable currency, limited and so easily wasted, it would be wonderful to actually control it. Not only setting the alarm for morning, or making it on time to a meeting. To be able to find more of time for those we love. To be able to actually stop the moment and fully enjoy it.

Clockpunk, one of the branches of Steampunk, full of delicate and magical Victorian and Gaslamp Romance aesthetic, has always been very inspiring to me. There are so many incredible pieces out there in the world. One just wants to stop for a second and inspect such beauty's details. Beauty can alter time.

Chronomancers are said to be able to control time. Stop it for a not so brief moment and enjoy it to the last drop, accelerate it or even turn it back. For this, they use special, carefully handcrafted and power infused amulets - chronomulets. Chronomancer's every minute being valuable and precious, these wizards commission us, crafters, to make the chronomulets.

Here at bymu, we choose old, unusual pieces of clockwork mechanisms and gears, collect shiny stones and beads and aim to make the best steampunk pendants to the stylish chronomancers across the world. Each of the amulets are unique and can be customized.